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I have started to occupy myself with art in the early 80ies. After my studies of History of Arts at the University of Innsbruck I took up my job as an art teacher at Bundesgymnasium Blumenstraße in Bregenz.  Due to some circumstances - kids, kitchen, costs - I neglected my "artistic career" more and more during the following years.

It was only when I started my sabbatical year that I accidently came across the book "Collage lab" written by the American artist Bee Shay, which enabled me to live out my fondness for different topics and techniques.

In  nearly 52 weeks' time  I created lots of pictures using 52 different techniques and I decided to put them all in a book. I have more and more ideas ever since. Some of the  works are shown in the picture gallery. 

The "Galerie" give you some  insights into my longlasting work, too. It presents a showcase full of collages, mixed media, photographs and calligraphies.

Printed versions of my new work also exist, in form of ten books and one calendar.

In the year 2020 the art book "Silent Paths" was published in collaboration with the author Gabriele Walter -

a composition of artworks and Haiku-Poems.


Date of birth: 16.11.1958


lives and works in: in Höchst and Bregenz

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